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1st Annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference Proceedings (2003)

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This 8.5 x 11 234 page paperback book includes articles and presentation materials.

Presentations include Stan Gordon, Stanton Friedman, Greg Bishop, Dr. Bob Wood, Ryan Wood, Linda M. Howe, Nick Redfern, Grant Cameron, Peter Robbins, and others.

    Topics covered include:
  • The First Roswell — 1941 Crash Retrieval In Cape Girardeau Missouri
  • Presidents and UFOs
  • The Strange Death of James Forrestal
  • UFO Crash in Kecksberg, PA, 1965
  • Authenticating The SOM-101 Manual
  • New Attacks on Roswell & MJ-12
  • Project Beta: How U.S. Intelligence Created an Alien Invasion
  • Evidence from the National Archives

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